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Checking Air Conditioner is Not Cooling

4 Simple Steps to Diagnose Why Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling

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In Malaysia, where it feels like summer all year round, air conditioning is not just a luxury but a necessity. Facing a day with an air conditioner not cooling can be a nightmare. But don’t worry, Sifu Air Conditioning is here with essential tips to troubleshoot why your air conditioner is not cooling.

Ensuring Correct Remote Control Settings

Ensuring Correct Remote Control Settings

To diagnose why your air conditioner is not cooling, first ensure it’s set correctly. Use the remote control to check if the mode is set to “COOL” or shows a “Snowflake ❄” icon. Incorrect settings can lead to weak refrigeration and poor performance. Double-check the mode on your remote to avoid these issues.

Check the air conditioner outlet

Check The Air Conditioner Outlet

Next, inspect the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. Remove any objects near it to ensure proper heat dissipation. For the indoor unit, check the filter for dirt or blockage. A dirty filter hampers the flow of cold air and poses health risks. Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal cooling and a healthy environment.

Cleaning the air conditioner filter

Regular Cleaning of the Air Conditioner Filter

Dust buildup in the air conditioner filter can block airflow, making it a common reason for an air conditioner not cooling effectively. Regularly clean the filter and consider professional maintenance for deep cleaning to enhance performance and extend the unit’s lifespan.

Check Outdoor Unit Functions

Finally, examine the outdoor unit. Ensure the fans and compressors start normally. Faulty power supplies, leakage, or short circuits can impede function. If you encounter these problems, contact a professional technician for repairs.

If your air conditioner still isn’t cooling, professional help might be the next step. Visit Sifu Air Conditioning’s expert services for assistance. Remember, routine maintenance is the key to preventing cooling issues. Schedule your regular check-up here and keep your air conditioner in top shape. Dive into our blog for more air conditioner maintenance tips.

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