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In Malaysia’s hot, humid climate, comfort depends on a functioning air conditioner. A frequent problem is the aircond compressor making noisy sounds, which can signal deeper issues.
Malaysia has a tropical climate, so it can get really hot sometimes. And with the growth of cities, industries, and climate change, the country needs efficient cooling solutions more than...
The question of how often air conditioning systems should be serviced is quite common. To maintain peak performance, they should ideally be serviced at least twice a year. ...
Looking for a new AC system? Consider upgrading your home and lifestyle with a Daikin Air Conditioning system. Daikin AC units help to make your home more energy efficient, ...

About Us

Sifu Engineering Sdn Bhd has been established since 2019, a wholesaler and retailer of many air conditioning equipment and system. Sifu Engineering Sdn Bhd has just the right concoction in your cooling and air condition needs.

Our management team has more years experience in the market. We believe providing right solution to our client’s requirements and offering our best after sales service.

Current brand of air conditioners that we are carrying distributorship are Midea, Isonic, Daikin, Acson, and Panasonic.

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